Welcome to Linden Grove Cemetery and Aboretum
located in the Westside neighborhood of Covington, Kentucky. 
Serving since 1843.

Linden Grove, originally called the Cincinnati and Covington Cemetery, was established in 1843 by the now defunct theological seminary, Western Baptist Theological Institute.  The Institute laid out a small cemetery on a portion of its extensive property, and the growth of the City of Covington eventually surrounded the cemetery. As hard times hit the cemetery, it was placed in receivership in 1948; but in 1998 the City of Covington and the Kenton County Fiscal Court established a Board of Overseers to manage and operate the Cemetery.

Linden Grove Cemetery has more than 22,000 burials over 22 acres.

You are invited to explore Linden Grove on this website and to come visit our walking trails in person. We'd be delighted to give you a tour and to answer your questions.  We are open 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm for your convenience.